Webster Therapy Center

Putting the Pieces Together

Price, Dates, and Times

                 $200 per camper

June 11-14, 2018

July 9-12, 2018

August 6-9, 2018


Times to be determined based on participants.

         Starting time will be at 1:00pm.

Summer Social Skills Camp

Does this sound familiar?

  • “I tell him to stop doing that, but he keeps on doing it.”
  • “That kid knows how she is supposed to behave. She CHOOSES to misbehave.”
  • “I ask him what he is supposed to be doing and he can tell me. He knows better, so why isn’t he doing it?

Social skills are those communication, problem-solving, decision making, self-management, and peer relations abilities that allow one to initiate and maintain positive social relationships with others.

During social skills camp, the children will be grouped with their peers and given tools to improve their expressive communication skills through turn-taking, sharing and group activities.

They will be faced with various challenges to reach their final destinations. Social interactions will be used to complete tasks. They will find out the should’s and could’s along with inferencing and drawing logical conclusions.

Call the office for additional information, costs and to register.